Thursday, September 28, 2017

More Food & Wine Festival 2017

Today we rode Living with the Land and then went to Thailand, Mexico and Germany for lunch! Thailand has a shrimp and scallop cake with cold noodle salad. It was very spicy hot so we know we don't want the beef. Fortunately, the cold noodle salad calmed our taste buds. It is not something we would order again.

The Singha Lager was quite tasty and VERY cold!

At Mexico, we went for the shrimp taco as we have had it every year we go. This year it had changed and not for the better. We asked one person how the beef taco was as we have had that in years past and he said not so good, so we skipped that. We had a Dos Equis to wash it down!

Traveling around the world in a day is thirsty work so we stopped at Germany for an Oktoberfest and bratwurst...again, like the other day, it did not disappoint!

Of course, we had to stop at England for a Bass Ale and Inness & Gunn.

Last stop was the Festival Center to try a couple of reds to go with our Ghiardelli. We tried the Kay Brothers Shiraz and the Craggy Range Pinot Noir...both were top notch but they had none for sale...good thing...I priced them when we got back to the cabin!

We had a wonderful day again and can't believe tomorrow is our last day. We still have not tasted all we wanted. Good thing we are returning in November for my birthday!


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  1. More yummy eats and pretty pictures! Glad that you're enjoying it and trying all of those fantastic dishes! :)


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