Friday, September 29, 2017

Evening Post (second of the day!)

So, I've got a little bit of Stampin' Up for you and a little bit more of the Food & Wine Festival too. It's the end of our vacay so we go home tomorrow morning. BUT we might return in October and definitely in November and December.

This is the SU part...a picture of our shower curtain and curtains in the cabin at Ft. Wilderness...
Flower Medallions!

Color Theory Trees/Ferns!!

We are risk takers so we decided to take a chance and go back out when the rain let up at 5 PM. I took my poncho and we each had an umbrella...good POURED! We had an adventure trying to keep our beverages free from being watered down AND our food free from  acid rain! I carried two umbrellas to a table while Perry carried the beer. Then I went off to get our Irish sausages and colcannon and carried them under my poncho. Thank God for the umbrella table that was unoccupied. These pics don't even do the rain justice. Perry said all the umbrellas and ponchos ruined the wet tee shirt contests! It was coming down sideways by the time we got our crab cakes and wine so there was no way to protect was all good anyway! We're done and it was fun!

A nice hot shower felt so good after riding back to the cabin in a refrigerated bus! This was not our first rodeo and it brought back memories of a night when we had NO ponchos and NO a matter of fact, this was our fourth rodeo! We always get more sunny days than rainy. However, every time we have been to Disney, there has been 0% snow and 0% ice.

Thanks for joining me in our travels.

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  1. As they say...a bad day on vacation always beats a great day a work! ;) Glad that you enjoyed your time. Safe travels home!


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