Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Magic Kingdom Kind of Day

 Good Morning, Peeps!

Yesterday we headed for Walt Disney World. It was a couple of years for all of us and we weren't sure how we'd feel about the changes that had to be made due to COVID nor the changes that were made to "keep up with the times". 

We spent most of our day at the Magic Kingdom and really didn't see too many changes except for having to wear masks standing in line and inside locations. Here is the biggest change...the castle for their 50th anniversary.

and here are my three guests...a/k/a family! Megan, who is an artist, Sam who is an actor/dancer/singer and just graduated from Marymount College in Manhattan. He will be pursuing his career in Los Angeles/Hollywood area, and Kerri my daughter who is an accountant. Leaving all that behind them, they became mouseketeers for the day.

It was a pleasant day but a tad hot in the afternoon. We had lunch at the Tomorrowland Terrace, dinner at Tony's. We waited in a L O N G line at Pirates of the Caribbean, not too bad lines for Carousel of Progress and Haunted Mansion. We were able to do Buzz Lightyear twice and the People Mover twice. The kiddos rode Space Mountain but I couldn't due to my vertigo. It used to be my favorite ride.

Kerri and I left the kids at MK to come back to my DVC (time share) at the Grand Floridian. I had enough points left to obtain a 3 bedroom villa for Sam's graduation present. The room wasn't ready when we arrived but this is what Kerri and I found later! The 3 bedroom villa, living room, kitchen and bonus room!

This place is bigger than my house!  I was like a little kid and wanted to take a pic from one end of the "room" to the other.

My photography skills don't do it justice, but I'm sure you get the picture. The en suite for the master bedroom was a spot where you could have a party!

Here are a few pics of our views from our two separate balconies...

Fantastico! I even got to see my favorite boat parade! I took a video but haven't been able to load that.

Today we are headed to the Animal Kingdom. Stay tuned and thank you for joining me on our adventure!


  1. Thanks for sharing your pix since we've not been able to get there since late 2019!

    ENJOY your vacation time


  2. Wow - looks like an amazing day and a most wonderful spot to lay your heads in the evening. Or the afternoon for a little siesta!! So happy you're getting to do this with your family, Karen! Enjoy enjoy enjoy!! :)

  3. So nice you are able to get back to Disney! Wonderful pictures. I would love to see some sunshine!

  4. Looks like an awesome place! Enjoy your vacation! :)


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