Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Not Stampin' Up! but Cute!

This could be a celebration cake for when the 13 colonies declared their independence from England! Happy 4th for my American friends and no offense to my British friends. As Lee Greenwood penned, "I'm proud to be an American", even though we aren't where I think we should be. We are free...I appreciate that! God Bless the USA!!

Barb put this kit together for us at card group. She had the paper all cut and we just had to emboss the pieces and provide the money. Money, you ask? Yes, the money is inside the patterned paper candle. The wick is a piece of baker's twine. See, I told you it was cute!

I don't send money through the mail so it will have to be hand delivered. I know exactly when and to whom it will go!

We are on our way home from Disney. Thanks for stopping by today. Make sure you return tomorrow because it's the Happy Inkin' Thursday blog hop. You don't want to miss it!


  1. Safe travels home! Looking forward to seeing your creation for the hop tomorrow! :)

  2. You're right! It IS cute - a really fun idea for giving money as a gift! Have a safe trip home, my friend!


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