Friday, November 11, 2016

No Cards Today

Today at our Card Ministry gathering, I didn't make cards. I learned how to make a jewel gift box. I had a friend who took the time to show me what to do and then she went off to make cards. It was a struggle for me to make the box with the Santa lid, but she would check up on me to see how I was doing. I can't begin to tell you how many mistakes she had to fix! I don't do well with a lot of background noise :-) 

I said at church that I had made my first and last box, but I love to challenge myself. When I got home, I sat down and made two bottoms, that's easy now! BUT the boxes needed tops so I got out my pencil, ruler and math skills and did the top wrong once, repaired it and then made one with no mistakes. Here they are...

I think a Ghiardelli square will fit nicely in the box. Now I need to make bows...yet another challenge!

Thanks for looking!

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