Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Night off!

We are in Brunswick, GA right now on our way to Childress Vineyard. We had a safe trip with a little rain here and there around Gainesville and lower Georgia. I did get to work on a card tonight but I left the glue and scissors out in the car so I couldn't assemble it...maybe tomorrow night.

For now, you will have to settle for food pics rather than a card/challenge. Well, I do have one pic of cards I was selling at the Irish pub yesterday :-)

Fried  Battered Calamari with Fried Battered Red and Green Pepper
Calamari Arrabiata

Fresh Bread with Garlic Dipping Sauce and Italian Dipping Sauce
Deep Fried Buffalo Chicken Rolls

Tin of Cards at the Celtic Ray...sold 4 and got 2 orders!

We are meeting someone very special in our lives at Childress tomorrow for lunch and a wine tasting. We met her in 2013 when Perry was diagnosed with the sarcoma. She was the manager at the campground where she so graciously made arrangements for us to be very comfortable for 3 months when we had only planned to stay a week!

God is good!

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  1. Get in my belly Deep Fried Buffalo Chicken Rolls!! Yummo!! Congrats on a good card shop at the Celtic Ray!! Go girl!! :)