Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Tuesday and Happy 47th Anniversary to Us!

This is going to be a shorter post. The day started off great with a visit to Epcot again. We had a wonderful experience at the Wine and Dine kiosk after a ride on Living with the Land. We shared the pork tenderloin with white cannelini beans and tomatoes plus Kurt Russell's wines named after Goldie Hawn. I had the chardonnay and Perry had the pinot noir. We love Kurt and Goldie but he needs to come down on the price of his wine. The pork was over the top!

We backtracked to take the Soarin' ride which has been revamped. It was AWESOME!!! The places they took us to around the world were remarkable.

We stopped at Islands of the Caribbean kiosk for Mojo Pork, Presidente beer and a frozen Mojito. I don't like frozen drinks but that was out of this world...as was the pork.

We then headed to Patagonia for the beef skewer with boniato and chimichurri sauce. We have this every time we hit the F & W Festival. We probably won't do that again as it has changed. Last year I said I wouldn't get it again because it wasn't served with boniato...they tried to pass off mashed potatoes for boniato. My palate knows the difference. This year it was boniato but they went way too heavy on the chimichurri. The beef was tender as usual.

From there we went to England for my Innis and Gunn and Perry's Bass Ale. 

We people watched for awhile and then headed back toward the front gate. On our way, we stopped to pick up our free tumblers as I mentioned the day before this post. Guess what? They hadn't changed the fact that I had been there on Sunday. They asked if I had photos on my phone to prove it and, of course, I had deleted them because they were on my blog. Do you think I could get to my blog? No! Apparently, my face tells you everything you want to know and she said, "I believe what you are saying, and they must not have corrected it, so go get your tumblers." Woo hoo...like I said, that's all we need is more glasses in our house!

We ignored the ominous clouds above us because the line for Spaceship Earth (Perry's favorite ride) was fairly short. She hasn't changed her style since Epcot opened!
When we came out of the ride, it was pouring!! We decided we wouldn't melt and made our way to the bus stop where it started raining even harder and there was lightening all around. 

The rain stopped by the time the bus came. We didn't melt then but we did have a melt down later!

The bus had it's A/C on full blast and we were wet so the spa in our room was a welcome relief. We opened our anniversary wine and relaxed. Then came the dilemma ... do we... a) shower and go find a restaurant, b) shower and make reservations at a restaurant or c) stay at the room, have soppressata, cheese and our Childress anniversary wine?   We chose door #2 and made reservations at The Boathouse in Disney Springs for 6 p.m. We got to the bus stop at 5:15 and the buses come every 20 min. There was no arrival time for Disney Springs listed so we asked one of the other bus drivers about it and he said, "they are here all the time". 35 minutes later we asked another bus driver, who contacted dispatch, and they said it would be there in 2 or 3 minutes...10 minutes later at 6 p.m. we walked back to our room, where you guessed it...my band wouldn't let us in...but fortunately Perry's did; we canceled our dinner reservation and were forced to choose "c" a/k/a door #3. Our 47th anniversary dinner...eggfruchatta!

I made a call to the front desk and you don't even want to know my dissatisfaction with that call! Robert Iger will hear from us about this stay! Believe it or not, he has responded favorably to us in the past so we can only hope he has one more ear left for us :-)

We played one game of Yahtzee, did laundry and are heading off to bed. Hopefully tomorrow will be the icing on the cake in a good way. Our friend said that our trip would make a good comedy show but too bad we had to be the stars! 

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