Friday, May 13, 2016

Another Challenge

Yesterday was card club. Lynn and Hannah had some beautiful cards for us to make. Once again, I found myself challenged with embossing. One of these days I'll get the hang of it! I have never stenciled before and have no stencils. There were two cards I didn't involved a stencil and one involved copic markers, which I don't own and have never used. Improvisation was in order today to make the remaining two cards. This first one is Hannah's stenciled version and the second is what I came up with.

The one using copics I will post tomorrow with Lynne's version and how I had to adapt.

The following cards I was able to finish but I lost one of them...or so I was stuck (by a glue dot) to the bottom of my Paper Pumpkin box and fit perfectly so I didn't notice. However, today it fell off when I went to use my markers (I keep them in the PP box!) I hope my cards don't fall apart so easily with the adhesive I use!

I have so much fun with this group and it was great to meet a new woman who talks to herself when she makes her I know I'm not alone! Thank you, Lynn and Hannah, for a terrific choice of cards.

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