Monday, September 26, 2016

Is it Monday already or Sunday again?

You must read the day before this post for it to make sense! Just scroll down to "older posts" and click (for those not familiar with blogs).

Guess what again? The bands didn't work in the morning, BUT the phone in the room knows the number to the front's the second button in the second row of buttons on the 

The front desk staff tried to fix the bands over the phone but couldn't so they sent a runner to pick up the bands. That woman ran fast...she was here in no time and took our bands away. When she returned, one worked and one didn't. The guy she was working with was sitting in a room at the check-in building and said he could see her on his computer trying to get the band to work. BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING! So, he did something from his end and VOILA, the other band worked. Technology either works or it doesn't.

We were going to Hollywood Studios for the morning and guess which bus was waiting at the stop? Yep, Epcot! We DID NOT get on that bus...we waited 20 minutes for the Hollywood Studios bus :-) I learn quickly!!

When we got to our first ride, Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, the stand-by line was 180 minutes and no one was in that line! The fast pass line was knee deep and was a 35 min. wait. We had no place to be until 11:45 and it was 10:30 so we decided to wait. It was the best ride ever! I love the way they can change the way the elevator drops...always that element of surprise. It lays all my elevator nightmares to rest.

Once we left there, it was time for our next fast pass at Toy Story Mania. That is my second favorite ride. It had to replace the Rockin' Roller Coaster as with my vertigo, I can't do roller coaster rides any longer. The third entrance they set up has really helped with the 90 min. wait lines. We had fun shooting at the targets and I ended up beating Perry but not by much. I could do that ride all day long.

Next stop was the Hollywood Brown Derby for lunch. People have raved about their signature Cobb salad and signature dressing so that's what we tried. I had a glass of MacMurray chardonnay (very good) and Perry had his usual Yuengling. Would we get this salad again? No!

The atmosphere was nice and the menu prices were right up there!

We were stuffed so we had lots of time to waste traveling from HS to Epcot so we took the boat. Getting in line for the boat, people are spaced out about 3 feet apart, standing in the hot sun. At the very front of the line there is a gap of 6 feet in the shade...we say "excuse me" to the people in the back of the sunny line and walk up to the second spot in the line and talk to the people who are in front us :-) We will never see the people in the back of the line again!

As I mentioned yesterday, the boat stops 3 places before getting to the back gate at Epcot. First stop is Swan and Dolphin Resort, 2nd stop is Yacht and Beach Club Resort and 3rd is Boardwalk. We made it to the first stop and the Captain said they were advised to stop all boat traffic as there was a bad storm within a 7 mile radius. He encouraged people to get off the boat and get a bus to Epcot OR walk a mile to get there. We decided to sit there and wait out the storm with another family. He then encouraged all of us to either walk or get a bus as one time the boat was docked for 2.5 hrs. We got out and walked, the other family stayed. On our walk to the back gate of Epcot, we stopped in at the Abracadabra Bar at the Boardwalk. Pretty when no one is there!

This time there was no metal detector for me and we both swiped our bands to enter. We hung a left to go to Hawaii, keeping steps away from the storm. However, the closer we got to Hawaii and Mexico, the closer the storm got. A bolt of lightening made us head for the Craft Beer Pavillion. What better port in the storm! We ordered Flight #1, shared a table and seats with a group of women who did nothing but talk about work! We could hear the thunder inside but couldn't see out. People were coming in soaked and the winds were at 40 mph. so we were told. With it still storming, we ordered Flight #2 along with piggy wings...yes, pigs do fly! The beer flights were interesting and the "wings" were quite tasty. 

The storm was over an hour glad we didn't stay on the boat...and we went to the room where annual passholders can get a free F & W Festival tumbler for entering Epcot 3 days. We were on our 2nd day but I had a feeling I was on my 1st since I was able to walk in the day before without swiping...staff read my band and sure enough, I was never there the day before. They said they would correct it that night and I would be okay to pick up a glass on Tuesday, along with we need more glasses in our house and we'll see about the correction!!!

Then we headed to the Festival Center to check out the cookbooks and the wine for sale. We picked out a bottle of LaCrema Chardonnay and a bottle of Acrobat Pinot of $50 for Disney. At the checkout, the staff member asked what gate people were exiting. If you went out the back, you could carry your own bottles out. We were going out the front. It would be at least a 1/2 hr. wait because a staff member had to carry the wine out to the gate and escort us but two members had to stay at the register. The third staff had just escorted a couple out. This is a new policy this year. (Meanwhile, people are walking all over Epcot with open beers and wine glasses!) We politely put our wines back as did the couple in front of us. They lost at least $100 worth of sales in a second. It saved us money as we can get those wines cheaper at Total Wines when we get home. 

Guess what? Our bands worked when we got back to the room. An end to an almost perfect day!

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